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I am evaluating JBPM 4.4 (JPDL)  for my project and I have ran into a couple of issues:

One is that a mix of exclusive continuations are asynchronous continuations does not quite work.
Upon a close look at AcquireJobsCmd.java, it becomes aparrent:
          a) more than one exclusive job can execute in different transactions.
          b) an exclusive job concurrently with an asynchrouns job is running.

This defeats my understanding of what exclusive means. I have tentatively modified AcquireJobsCmd.java by ensuring
that a and b do not happen. This important in my case as I have an assign statement that needs to update a process
variable inside a forEach with asynchronous java continuations as shown below. This only works after I made my changes.

      <variable history="false" name="GlobalMap" type="serializable">

      <foreach g="160,261,48,48" in="#{dataSources}" name="foreach" var="dataSource">
           <transition  to="do lookup"/>
       <java continue="async" class="test.JavaService" g="327,259,98,50" method="lookup" name="do lookup" var="returnVar">
               <object expr="#{dataSource}"/>
            <string value="kw"/>
        <transition continue="exclusive" to="copy" />
    <assign from-expr="#{returnVar}" name="copy" to-expr="#{GlobalMap[dataSource]}">
        <transition to="join"/>
    <join g="567,259,80,40" multiplicity="2" name="join">
        <transition to="do materialize"/>

The other question is that +returnVar+ is actually mapped to the parent execution. It should map to the forked execution as is the variable +dataSource+. Shouldn't it?

In any case the tentative fix for this was easy. Just changed a one line in JavaActivity.java.

if (variableName!=null) {
        //  execution.setVariable(variableName, returnValue);
       execution.createVariable(variableName, returnValue); 

Hope to hear from someone. Thanks in advance.


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