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"Incorrect web service called when multiple one-way services deployed"

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I have a situation where I have two classes, each implementing a one-way (asynch) web service similar to below:

public class TestService1 {

     public void runDiff(@WebParam(name="environment" String env) {

If I deploy these two services under the same web application and then create a client application (using wsimport to generate the client stubs), when exercising the services occasionally (and randomly) the wrong service will be called. For instance, in a loop which executes svc1 and then 10 iterations of svc2 some of the svc2 invocations will actually be bassed by the web server to svc1.

We are using JBOSS and jbossws-cxf-3.3.1.GA.

Is this a known issue with one way services or are we doing something wrong?

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