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"Re: Does JBoss Messaging violate the JEE 5 Specification?"

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JBoss AS can integrate with a foreign JMS provider in two different ways:
1. Using a JMSProviderLoader MBean.  This method allows JBoss AS to integrate with any JMS provider that supports remote JMS clients via the standard JNDI pattern outlined in section 2.6.1 of the JMS 1.1 specification.  The JMSProviderLoader is a container-managed mechanism to configure the same parameters used by a remote, stand-alone client (e.g. InitialContext JNDI properties, connection factory name, etc.).
** This method can be used by an MDB via the "providerAdapterJNDI" activation configuration property to consume messages, and it can be used in conjunction with a <tx-connection-factory> to send messages.
** This method can also be used by a JMS bridge to move messages to/from the foreign JMS provider.
1. Using the foreign provider's JCA resource adapter.

These two methods are essentially mutually exclusive.  In other words, you can either use the JMSProviderLoader or you can use the provider's JCA RA, but you cannot use both.  It appears you have combined these two methods by configuring the bridge to use a JMSProviderLoader that is, in turn, configured to use a JCA JMS connection factory from the WebSphere MQ RA.  This is not valid.  The JMSProviderLoader cannot use a JCA JMS connection factory.  It must use a standard JMS connection factory just like any other remote client would.
> Isn’t JBoss Messaging violating the JEE5 specification...

No.  The JBoss Messaging JMS bridge is not a Jave EE 5 component so it need not obey the Java EE specification.  It is free to set an ExceptionListener on its connection just like any other JMS client who is connecting to a remote provider would.  If you configure the bridge incorrectly to use a JCA JMS connection factory it will complain because the JCA connection factory is managed by the container and a client application is not allowed to set its own ExceptionListener on it.

> ...how do I create a workaround for the problem?

Configure your integration correctly.

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