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"Make a call to an EJB3 this on a machine with weblogic through JNDI"

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Hello  everyone.

I'm still working with jboss and  thanks to your help I could do my job perfectly.

In this instance, a new complication has arisen. We expose it below:
I have two  machines, one with jboss and another with Weblogic 10.3. The fact is that most applications will be executed through  weblogic JBoss while for technical reasons it is responsible for  implementing EJB3 session. The idea is through the  remote JNDI call these sessions from JBoss to Weblogic.

My first implementation has been to add the charge to seek  properties in the jndi tree as follows:
propertie.put  (InitialContext.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY,  "weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory");
propertie.put (InitialContext.PROVIDER_URL, "t3: / /");

The case is not  working and do not know if I have to configure some file in jboss or  weblogic.

I would appreciate any  contribution that you can do about it.

A greeting and thanks in advance.

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