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"@WebContext jar hell confusion"

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I am working on a project that is not mine, and it deploys to a JBoss server 4.2.3.GA, which has JBossWS 3.1.1. I created a working EJB web service class in this project using JAX-WS annotations. I just learned that it is not secure by HTTPS. I believe @WebContext can do this, but I have struggled to make this annotation work.

The project has no reference in its build path to @WebContext, so I sought on the internet. A month ago I found the JAR "jbossws-spi.jar", and imported it to my project. I remember vaguely that there was an error in the web service deployment, so I abandoned the idea.

Now I have returned to the problem and instead imported the entire collection of jars in a fresh download of JBossWS 3.1.1 into my project. Some of the jars conflict with jars  already in the project, such as "jaxb-api.jar" and "dom4j.jar" and things like that. This gave me errors like "dom4j.SomeObject (I cannot remember the name) cannot be cast to dom4j.SomeObject".

Next I tried only the jars which did not conflict. I found that one of these jars was causing problems: "jbossws-native-jaxws.jar". When I added this jar, along with the rest of the jars, the web service did not show up in the endpoint list posted on the server's JBossWS page. So  I omitted the jar, but it caused the web service to show up in the endpoint list albeit displayed an error page when I clicked for the WSDL file.

I am now totally puzzled these JBossWS jars can be both installed in a JBoss server and imported into a java project running on the server. I can't refer to server files in my Eclipse application, can I? How do other people import this annotation? I don't know, so I returned to finding a single jar. I found "jbossws-spi.jar" again, added only it to my project, added the annotation @WebContext(transportGuarantee = "CONFIDENTIAL"), and the annotation had no effect. The WSDL file still showed the endpoint URL as " http:// http://...".

I hope someone can untangle my neurons and help me to understand this. All I want is my web service to transport on HTTPS, but I feel I entirely misunderstand how JBossWS works, and maybe even jars in general.  :-/   :(  Any ideas to help?

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