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Hi Dimitri,

The callbackHandleObject is used only on the client side.  Here's something you can try.  Instead of calling the Client method

   public void addListener(InvokerCallbackHandler callbackHandler,
                           InvokerLocator clientLocator, Object callbackHandlerObject);


   public void addListener(InvokerCallbackHandler callbackhandler, Map metadata,
                           Object callbackHandlerObject) throws Throwable;

and put some identifying information in the metadata map:

  HashMap metadata = new HashMap();
  metadata.put("key", "tag");
  client.addListener(..., metadata, ...);

Then on the server side, in your ServerInvocationHandler method

   public void addListener(InvokerCallbackHandler callbackHandler);

do something like

  ServerInvokerCallbackHandler serverInvokerCallbackHandler = (ServerInvokerCallbackHandler) callbackHandler;
  Client callbackClient = serverInvokerCallbackHandler.getCallbackClient();
  Map config = callbackClient.getConfiguration();
  String tag = config.get("key");

I haven't tested it, but it looks plausible.  By the way, thanks for the reference to that article.  I never heard of it before.

Good luck,

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