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"How to use JBoss AS 7 Beta 2 with JBoss Tools & Developer Studio"

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> If you really want to use exploded deployments

For people reading this who may not know what the benefits of exploded deployments are: it allows you to deploy incrementally. Meaning, change a Facelet, refresh your browser and see the change.

Packaged deployment necessitates restarting the entire server for every little change. For one reason or the other, this is the default in most (all?) server adapters that ship with WTP and (correct me if I'm wrong), is also seen as the "Java EE way of doing things". Luckily JBoss AS and JBoss tools also support exploded and incremental deployments (it's even the default in JBoss tools).

Just hoping that JBoss AS 7 and JBoss Tools 3.3 will keep supporting this  ;)

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