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Dear Daniele,
  In the patched jar there is a class called *DefaultEscalatedDeadlineHandler*

After the *deadline.setEscalated(true);* Should it include *deadline.setEscalated(true);*

Some how the boolean value is not getting persisted in the table.

I can see *SELECT* queries such as follows trying to get the Deadline and Potentials owners, but nothing with *INSERTS/UPDATES*

Hibernate: select reassignme0_.Escalation_Reassignments_Id as Escalation2_1_, reassignme0_.id as id1_, reassignme0_.id as id10_0_ from Reassignment reassignme0_ where reassignme0_.Escalation_Reassignments_Id=?
Hibernate: select potentialo0_.task_id as task1_1_, potentialo0_.entity_id as entity2_1_, organizati1_.id as id6_0_, organizati1_.DTYPE as DTYPE6_0_ from Reassignment_potentialOwners potentialo0_ left outer join OrganizationalEntity organizati1_ on potentialo0_.entity_id=organizati1_.id where potentialo0_.task_id=?
Hibernate: select task0_.id as id11_3_, task0_.allowedToDelegate as allowedT2_11_3_, task0_.taskInitiator_id as taskIni23_11_3_, task0_.priority as priority11_3_, task0_.activationTime as activati4_11_3_, task0_.actualOwner_id as actualO24_11_3_, task0_.createdBy_id as createdBy25_11_3_, task0_.createdOn as createdOn11_3_, task0_.documentAccessType as document6_11_3_, task0_.documentContentId as document7_11_3_, task0_.documentType as document8_11_3_, task0_.expirationTime as expirati9_11_3_, task0_.faultAccessType as faultAc10_11_3_, task0_.faultContentId as faultCo11_11_3_, task0_.faultName as faultName11_3_, task0_.faultType as faultType11_3_, task0_.outputAccessType as outputA14_11_3_, task0_.outputContentId as outputC15_11_3_, task0_.outputType as outputType11_3_, task0_.parentId as parentId11_3_, task0_.previousStatus as previou18_11_3_, task0_.processInstanceId as process19_11_3_, task0_.skipable as skipable11_3_, task0_.status as status11_3_, task0_.workItemId as workItemId11_3_, user1_.id as id6_0_, user2_.id as id6_1_, user3_.id as id6_2_ from Task task0_ left outer join OrganizationalEntity user1_ on task0_.taskInitiator_id=user1_.id left outer join OrganizationalEntity user2_ on task0_.actualOwner_id=user2_.id left outer join OrganizationalEntity user3_ on task0_.createdBy_id=user3_.id where task0_.id=?
Hibernate: select deadline0_.id as id4_0_, deadline0_.deadline_date as deadline2_4_0_, deadline0_.escalated as escalated4_0_ from Deadline deadline0_ where deadline0_.id=?

Any hints or ideas on this problem


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