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Thank you Demian, your pointers gave me additional things to look into and change. 

All: I believe I am closer than before, but still need help resuming the "Human Task Services" after a restart. Here's what I have done: 

1. For the 'Evaluation' flow in the JBPM5.1 DEMO setup
2. In the directory:  jbpm-installer/db/, I updated the hibernate-cfg.xml, persistence.xml and testDS1.xml to make everything point to my Oracle DB. Also updated the hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto property to 'update' instead of 'create'
3. Ran ant install.demo 
4. Ran the demo, everything runs fine. When I recycle the server, and go back to console, I see previous instances of 'evaluation' that do show up in appropriate status
5. I recycle the server while my 'evaluation' instance is pending on completion of human activities. Once I recycle the server, I correctly see that those processes are pending on completiong of human task services, HOWEVER, when I login as john, mary, or krisv, I no longer see the human tasks in the task view as I was able to before the recycle. I expect to be able to see them becuase I haven't completed the tasks yet and was expecting the console to present them again after the recycle. 

So now my question comes down to this: How to make the human tasks show up in the task section of console again after a recycle? And do the processes require any manual intervention to make them 'active' after a recycle?


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