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"CommandBasedWSHumanTaskHandler session, client ???"

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To persist a session, I'm trying to use CommandBasedWSHumanTaskHandler in code based on Salaboy's PersistentProcessManager and TaskClientHelper with Mina

private StatefulKnowledgeSession getKnowledgeSession() {
        StatefulKnowledgeSession ksession = null;
if (ksessionId == null) {

            ksession = JPAKnowledgeService.newStatefulKnowledgeSession(

ksessionId = ksession.getId();
        } else {
            ksession = JPAKnowledgeService.loadStatefulKnowledgeSession(

humanActivitiesHandler = new CommandBasedWSHumanTaskHandler(ksession);
            this.workItemsHandlers.put("Human Task", humanActivitiesHandler);

for (Map.Entry<String, WorkItemHandler> entry : this.workItemsHandlers.entrySet()) {
            ksession.getWorkItemManager().registerWorkItemHandler(entry.getKey(), entry.getValue());

        //Configures a logger for the session

return ksession;

The handler only accepts a session in the constructor so I guess I'm supposed to construct one every time I get a session from the database and then hope resisterWorkItem works correctly. This doesn't look good. I wish I could create the handler once and then bind it to a session when I have one. I don't know if creating these handlers is idempotent. Then I tried exposing the TaskClient and passing it to the new handler.

Inside the handler the connect method creates a WSHumanTaskHandler. This looks like a bug.  
public class CommandBasedWSHumanTaskHandler implements WorkItemHandler {
public void connect() {
if (client == null) {
client = new TaskClient(new MinaTaskClientConnector("org.drools.process.workitem.wsht.WSHumanTaskHandler", 
new MinaTaskClientHandler(SystemEventListenerFactory.getSystemEventListener())));
boolean connected = client.connect(ipAddress, port);

if (!connected) {
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Could not connect task client");

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