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"Re: How to use a HTTP(S) proxy without system properties?"

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Hi Ron,

"webservice client generated by CXF" means that I used a tool from the Apache CXF framework in order to generate required Java classes, including some client code, from the given WSDL. I then rely on the JBoss webservice stack to send the request. You are absolutely right: I was able to step through the entire stack in the debugger and found out that no matter which properties I set in the metadata map while I still have access to the request being prepared (there are some properties for proxy options), they are discarded shortly before the request is sent out to the target endpoint. Thus, I could not programmatically influence the proxy to be used. JBoss even ignored system properties, so I was pretty lost. In the end, the case was solved because I could use a transparent proxy by changing the host name part of the endpoint, so I didn't have to fiddle around with proxy settings any more. Thanks a lot for your reply though, it does point in the right direction  :) 


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