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"JBoss 6.1:  Isolating ears from each other"

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I have two ears deployed in the default server of JBoss 6.1.  One of the ears (call it service.ear) provides a service to retrieve data from an external source and to translate it to a different structure.  The other ear (call it client.ear) utilizes this service.  As a result, the client ear contains the class definition the service ear translates the data to.

Naturally, this is causing problems.  I am getting the dreaded "expected class Data but got class Data" exception.  I've tried many configurations of jboss-classloading.xml and jboss-classloading-domain.xml, but the only thing that I can get to work is the "sledgehammer" jboss-classloading configuration:

<classloading xmlns="urn:jboss:classloading:1.0"

As you can imagine, I really don't want this configuration.  Can someone provide to me sample files that I need to place in my various ear files that will prevent this error from occurring?  I've tried giving each ear their own domain, setting import-all to false, and parent-first to false, but none of those appear to resolve the issue.  I've also tried adding jboss-classloading-domain.xml, but I don't understand that well enough.


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