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"JMS, Spring and Snowdrop. Listening for an injection of bean factory to JNDI"

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Hi all,

We are currently developing an application that uses an MDB to read messages from JMS and then delegates business logic to spring beans.

All works fine if messages from JMS start getting delivered after all of the contexts are initialized. But when there are some messages in the queue during start time of the app, MDB is started earlier than bean factory is injected into JNDI and "bean factory not bound" exception is thrown when messages are delivered.

Is there a generic solution to that problem? Can I make my EJBs "start" after bean factory is injected into JNDI?

We thought that we can deliver MDB as inactive, than actively wait for application context to be injected into JNDI and than via JMX activate MDB, but it certainly is not an elegant solution.

Is there a way to get notified that snowdrop has finished its work? Then we could write a simplier hack...


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