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"JBoss AS 6.0.0.Final (Hypersonic) System tables"

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It's time to go into production soon for my pilot project on EJB 3. Up to now, I've been using the HsqlDB Datasource (where JBoss has its tables and relations) and my enterprise datasource, where the enterprise tables and relations are stored. That is, my JBoss starts with two ds-es.

I don't want to use Hypersonic in production, so it would be time to switch to one datasource only. How do I achieve this?
Some thoughts:
1. Should I declare the enterprise datasource as DefaultDS, granting create table rights to the connection user and let JBoss do the job of creating the tables for me first time it starts up after the change?
2. If yes, after that, can I revoke the create table grants to the db connection user used by JBoss6 or will this "break" somehow the AS?
3. Is there documentation about these tables, i.e. how their fields are defined and how they're used? (Size, n° of growth, ecc.)

My DBA badly wants info about this, but it's a topic I didn't encounter so far from a EJB programming point of view.

Thank you in advance
~ pasquale

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