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We have created an alternative to gwt-console and are using only the server part gwt-console-server at the moment via its REST API, exactly as the existing gwt-console client communicates. That is a quick solution, alternatively you can also write your own gwt-console-server or as you already mentioned embed everything in one web application.

1. I think the console that comes shipped in the installation is mostly great for testing purposes . For a real application you will probably need to modify layout/style and captions, display extra information (i.e. from your business domain) or remove some, maybe i18n etc. The communication with the process engine is done either by using the existing gwt-console-server or writing your own module using the jbpm5 engine.

2. Yes you can certainly have everything in one web app, however by having the logic on a server component you can actually retrieve information and interact with your process engine from other systems  as well. For example you may want another app's screen to show the tasks that are pending for a specific user, nothing else....Of course you could publish web services from your web app but that is less loose coupled and not modular. A good example is gwt-console/gwt-console-sever.... we are able to create a different console client by reusing the server component. Also the console client is being used by other jboss modules of other frameworks (server components) i.e. Riftsaw, DroolsFlow

3. I would advice to simply write your own integration layer that basicly handles the communication with the REST API of the gwt-console-server
you can find info regarding the available methods from your jbpm5 installation http://yourJBPMServer/gwt-console-server/rs/server/resources
It gives you flexibility on the way you delegate control to the server and how you retrieve data. However the code of the console is here,  https://github.com/heiko-braun/bpm-console https://github.com/heiko-braun/bpm-console as well as docs.

4. As bpmn2user mentioned there many design options so It really depends on the imlementation you choose... .whether you use directly the process core engine that you keep in your application or with a server component that handles a process engine i.e. the existing gwt-console-server

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