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"Can I modify the HandlerChain at deploy time?"

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I am improving the usability of JBoss XTS by providing annotation support. I have one class level annotation that when applied to a JAX-WS service implementation, indicates to the middleware to carry out a few pieces of work, removing a lot of burden from the developer.

One of these "pieces of work" is to add two handlers to the JAX-WS handler chain. Using CDI I can intercept the calls to the service, but this occurs after the handler chain has been invoked. I was thinking that at some point in the deployment process, I could query the Service Impl class for the required annotation, and if found, setup the appropriate handler chain.

I was wondering:

a) Is what I am proposing the right way to do this?
b) If so, can you point me at the right place to hook into?
c) Do you know of a better way for me to achieve this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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