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"JNDI binding and NameNotFoundException"

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I'm an EJB-newbie, so please bear with me.  I'm running JBoss 5.1.0, and I'm trying to define/deploy/access a stateless session bean.  It's my understanding that JBoss 5.1.0 conforms to EJB 3.0, and so I can do the whole thing with annotations, without the need for a ejb-jar.xml or jboss.xml file.

After much Googling, I have tried a number of different ways to do things, most recently the following.  In my bean class, I added a no-args constructor and the following annotation and interface:

public class ScoreComputer implements IScoreComputer

I defined an IScoreComputer class which declares the methods I want to have available, and put the following annotation on it:

public interface IScoreComputer

In my server code, I try to obtain a reference to my ScoreComputer as follows:

IScoreComputer computer;
InitialContext ejbContext = new InitialContext();
computer = (IScoreComputer)ejbContext.lookup("ScoreComputer/local");

When this code executes, a NameNotFoundException is thrown with the message 'IScoreComputer not bound'.  I know I'm not doing the JNDI binding correctly, because I've looked in the JMX console for JBoss, and no binding is listed containing the string 'Score'.  But try as I might, I am unable to find instructions telling me the correct way to do the binding.

I am using the Spring DispatcherServlet as my servlet, and for a while I thought that might be what is causing the problem, and it may well be.  But I replaced that in my web.xml with a simple class which extends HttpServlet, and got the same behavior.  I have also tried injecting my bean using the @EJB annotation, e.g.

protected IScoreComputer computer;

but that fails when JBoss attempts to deploy the .ear file, with a message "Resolution should not happen via injection container".

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