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"Service Repository Structure - Information neededMaybe the question is already answared with Question 1^^"

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Hi there,

I've seen the new pretty cool feature of service repositories and I'd like to create my own one. The problem is, I havn't found enough information about how to create it, the structure, limitations and how it is linked with the console yet. So I have some questions.

1. What is the exact structure of the Service repository? And could you give an example with as many as possible possibilities please. Or maybe you could explain it with the email example. This would be nice too.

2. I assume the class or jar files for the service task is also stored in the repository. Does the packaging matter in any way or is it possible to store them as class or jar file?

3. If I want to use more than one service repository, lets say the public one and an own one, where do I have to configure them (even if it's not possible. Where can I configure it for the console, designer and eclipse?)

4. I've seen a lot of documentation for the two examples in the category "Handler" about how to configure the handler. Where can I do/put the configuration work? I've got an idea of how to do it if I manage my processes by my self in own java code. But how to do it for with the console? Especially if the console is already running (this is the most important case to me). Or is there a way to do it directly in the designer (this would be awsome :) )

5. If I update a service handler in the service repository. Does the console recognize the update and use the updated handler?

This are a lot of questions and this may not be all of them. I'm looking forward to the answares and my own service repository filled with a lot of handers  :)  (maybe you could add a chapter answaring the questions in the documentation. I'm pretty sure thats interesting stuff for a lott of peope).


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