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Hi John, I had the same problem (some thousand BisocketServerInvoker and a similar number of InvokerLocator) and I just found the solution for my case (tests still in progress).

My environment: Jboss 5.0.1 GA, JMS acting for P2P communication between a single class that writes to a custom queue and an MDB.
Well, I found out that the Java class writing to the queue was not releasing the queue resources properly. In fact, the close() methods of QueueSender, QueueSession and QueueConnection were never invoked!
So I compared the behavior of this class as it is with one that calls close() on these 3 objects (though maybe calling close() on the QueueConnection would suffice), and while for the first case MAT showed one BisocketServerInvoker per message I wrote to the queue (with a dummy app), in the second case there were far less BisocketServerInvokers, leading also to a smaller heap usage (Jvisualvm now shows a beatiful heap graph).

So have a look if it could be the case for you too and let me know  :)

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