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Hi , 

        On insistance of  http://community.jboss.org/people/tsurdilovic Tihomir Surdilovic i m posting all my Questions , doubts in one thread here.  Some of the Questions may appear very generic , with no reference to any business process or use case . Thanks in advance for all the help. :) 


1. Does jBPM provide any *role - based access control* ? How ? In what way ?

2. Are all *actions* and *changes* made at *runtime auditable* ? Can you site any example. 

3. Does jBPM integrate with external systems for *availability management*? Availability Managements in the sense i mean the use of            mechanisms such as *recovery* and *fail-over* to support the system availability.

4. Are there any *automated failover* capabilities?

5. Does the solution support *distribution* of the *execution environment*?

6. Does the solution provide *central logging*, especially if distributed?

7.Can an administrator *drill down* from high level workflows through to the low level process or even rules? In what way ?

8.Can the runtime data be easily debugged? A complete *trace* is available? I know say *for eg breakpoints* cannot be set when debugging a unit test . So any other way is it possible to debug runtime data. ? 

9.Can the deployment(say deployment of assets like flows , rules ) be automated via a continuous integration facility, e.g. via Ant, Maven, Hudson?

10.Does jBPM support *Service Component Architecture (SCA)* and *XML Process Definition Language (XPDL)* ? 

11.Does jBPM support integration with *Visio/MS Office* in order to have a technology agnostic repository of workflows?

12.Can *Rules* be modified at *run-time* ? 

13.Are there any pre-defined patterns, built-in functionality or settings to allow identification of technical errors or bottlenecks ? Technical errors as in errors causing a business rule or process failure.

14. KPIs(key process indicators) and business rules can support multiple calendars (peak time, vacation, week-end…) both for the severity and the associated action to avoid or reduce the impact or severity of a fault close to the cut-off time. 
*How and to which extent does jBPM  allow and facilitate multiple calendars’ setup and amendments including the assignment of such rule, KPIs to those calendars and different contexts*? 

15. How does the interaction between process, service and data tiers occur ? Which protocols are used ? 

16. Does jBPM provide a seamless solution to integrate different application styles like , SOA, CEP and Web Applications? One possible scenario is the provisioning of hooks for each application styles, via adapters, or a real composition, like in SCA.

17. Does the IDE provide seamless views into *DBMS , ERPs* ? If yes ,  how ?

18. Does the IDE provide a *data-driven view* in order to model process data focus on data processing?

19. Does the IDE provide *visual development capabilities*? Specially features beyond the simple process modeling.

20. Can jBPM be deployed on cloud ? 

21. Can *I&AM* systems be integrated? If yes, which?

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