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1. Have full design process of processes in Guvnor? Meaning this editor and guvnor new features for storing domain specific tasks.
Yes: You have the process designer integrated with Guvnor: processes' definition are stored in Guvnor. In Guvnor you can also define WorkItemHandlers definitions that will be avalable in process editors as domain specific tasks. 

2. Does jbom 5.2 engine support all the constructs and properties available in Guvnor editor? Meaning in previous versions guvnor was generating good bpmn2 processes but it didnt support some jbpm5 specific properties.
A lot of new features were added to process editor since 5.1. All the elements in the pallete are now supported. Support for specific properties of jBPM5 were also added. AFAIK, some of the properties of some of the elements are not supported yet, though. This means that there are some properties that you can fill that will not be taken in account. I think in jBPM5 documentation is a list of the supported features, but I'm not sure.

4. Does JBPM 5.2 support out of box web services tasks like JSON/XML or SOAP web services?
As far as I know, it doesn't. Maybe some out-of-the-box WorkItemHandler to invoke WS was added in latest version, but I really don't know.

5. Is process history working correctly (I think its bam module or sth), so I can make statistics on historical process data
It should  ;) . 

6. Are historical data stored as text so i can inspect properties of process and variables setup during the process?
You can hook your own listeners to store the information you need in the way you need it. You have an out-of-the-box DB history log. 

7. Is HumanTask service storing its state in database so after restart user can see hist tasks state correctly?
Yes. Human Task Server uses its own database to store Human Task states.

8. Does Human Task service store historical data on task states? Meaning after process finishes am I able to inspect history of each human task?
No as far as I know.

9. Is jbpm console code which works with jbpm5 engine, and the UI human tasks available in source of jbpm5.2? I remember that in first version os source code of jbpm5 console code was widely spread between different packages.
Yes:  https://github.com/heiko-braun/bpm-console https://github.com/heiko-braun/bpm-console

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