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Thank you for your reply,  The example that I want to realise is the following(Realization of the observer design pattern with JBossAOP): 
Flower (Subject ): 
> *package* Bee;
> *public* *class* Flower {
>       *private* *boolean* isOpen; 
>       *public* *boolean* isOpen(){*returnthis*.isOpen;}
>       *public* Flower(){
>             *this*.isOpen=*false*;
>                   }
>       *public* *void* open(){
>             *this*.isOpen=*true*;
>       }
>       *public* *void* close(){
>             *this*.isOpen=*false*;
>       }
> }
The Bee class observe  the opening and closing of Flower (attribute(isOpen)) 
*PS: for easier reuse of the Bee class, we put the Update method (observer role)in another class and we make an introduction* 

Bee (Observer ): 
*package* Bee; 
*public* *class* Bee {

*private* String name;

*public* Bee(String name){
      *this*.name = name;

*public* *void* dinner(){
      System.+out+.println("Bee "+ name 
                   + "'s breakfast time!");

      *public* *void* rest(){
            System.+out+.println("Bee" + name 
                    + "'s bed time!");

The interface for all observers is the following:
*package* Bee ;
*public* *interface*FlowerObserver {
      *public* *void* update();


And Mixin class is as follows: 
*package* Bee;

*public* *class* BeeObserver *implements* FlowerObserver{

        Bee bee;

         *public* BeeObserver(Bee bee){*this*.bee=bee;}
         *public void* update(){
              *if* (isOpen) //the attribute value of Flower

              *else*  bee.rest();

Finally the Main class: 

*package* Bee;

*public* *class* Main {
*public* *static* *void*main(String[] args) {

      Flower f = *new* Flower();     
      Beeb1 = *new* Bee("B1");
      Beeb2 = *new* Bee("B2");


theXML file: 

<?xmlversion="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

            <construction>new Bee.BeeObserver(this)</construction>

   <aspect class="Bee.BeeObserver"/>
   <bind pointcut="set(private boolean Bee.Flower->isOpen)">
   <after aspect="Bee.BeeObserver" name="update"/>

This code contains several errors!! but I would have the following result: 

*B1 Bee's breakfast time! B2 Bee's breakfast time! B1 Bee's bed time! B2 Bee's bed time! B1 Bee's breakfast time! B2 Bee's breakfast time!* 

*Tahnk's in advance  :) 

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