[jboss-user] R: [IronJacamar] - Seam app hangs under heavy load (InUseConnectionCount goes very high)

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Wed Feb 2 17:09:07 EST 2011

I Demetrio,

do you recognize me?

Try to run jboss with jrockit VM, install Oracle JRockit Mission Control for a full  monitoring of the app.

Fill free to use Mission Control on a test environment, do not use it on production server while the app is live.






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Oggetto: [jboss-user] [IronJacamar] - Seam app hangs under heavy load (InUseConnectionCount goes very high)


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Seam app hangs under heavy load (InUseConnectionCount goes very high) 

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I have a problem with a Seam app: under heavy load it hangs.


Monitoring the InUseConnectionCount I noticed that after 20-30 mins it goes very high blocking all the application server (JBoss AS 4.2.3.GA).


I wrote more in detail here (but I thought it was good to post a discussion here as well):




How can I track it to find who is creating all these connection (and why they are not closing)?


Any hint to fix this is very welcome!





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