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"Re: ProxyContext is not visible from class loader"

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In my case, I got this Exception when I was trying to test the webservice by accessing the wsdl on the browser...
Also I got this exception when I try to create a webreference in .NET to associate this webservice (deployed in JBoss ear)

Actual fact is - I am new to Webservice practicals formats etc

Initially, I confirmed this in JBoss console log:
09:57:29,366 INFO  [AxisService] WSDD published to: C:\jboss-4.0.3SP1\server\default\data\wsdl\project.ear\projectWeb.war\ProjectService.wsdd
09:57:29,382 INFO  [AxisService] Web Service deployed:  http://dell-ramba:8080/mlo/ProjectWS http://dell-ramba:8080/mlo/ProjectWS

So I tried placing the following URLs on the browser to access the wsdl (bear with my ignorance)
 http://dell-ramba:8080/mlo/ProjectWS http://dell-ramba:8080/mlo/ProjectWS
 http://dell-ramba:8080/mlo/ProjectWS.wsdl http://dell-ramba:8080/mlo/ProjectWS.wsdl

Both failed. Second one gave the above mentioned exception...
Then my colleague asked me to do the following URL instead (a ? in place of .)
 http://dell-ramba:8080/mlo/ProjectWS?wsdl http://dell-ramba:8080/mlo/ProjectWS?wsdl
Then it brought me the wsdl xml....Also on the .NET project, it successfully located the webservice and I was able to create a reference...

Since I got the same Exception, I googled and got misled to think there is some class loading issues.... 
So I thought it could help (avoid confusion and time) for the newbees like me....

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