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"Call web services with different certificates"

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I want to call two different web services that uses two different SSL certificates.
The certificates are real certificates and not self signed.

The question is how to do this.
i can't use System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.keyStore", path)

in Jboss 4 you could do like this:
UserInterface ui = new SoapService().getUserInterfacePort();
BindingProvider bp = (BindingProvider) ui;
bp.getRequestContext().put(BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY," https://test.com/SoapService https://test.com/SoapService");

bp.getRequestContext().put("org.jboss.ws.keyStore", path);
bp.getRequestContext().put("org.jboss.ws.keyStoreType", );
bp.getRequestContext().put("org.jboss.ws.keyStorePassword", "password");


This doesnt work in jboss 6, i get a HTTP 500 from the web service server.
I have also tried bp.getRequestContext().put("javax.net.ssl.keyStore", path)
with the same result.

I have found one solution where you use your own SSLSocketFactory but that is no good solution since i will be needing to do the XML sending and parsing myself.
What i want is a nice solution with JAX-WS, if that is possible.

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