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"Force MTOM Response in JBossWS-3.1.1.GA"

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How can I force a MOTOM Response although it is not neccessary because I have no binary data in the response.

The reason is follow. I have a foreign test client that sends the request with MTOM enabled and expected that the response is also using MTOM (I think this is a little bit stupid). The client is using AXIS. 
In the request the client sends binary data using MTOM but in my response no binary data is available and so JBoss-WS won't enable the Mtom Feature for the response. The result is that the client don't accept my response. 
All works fine when my response contains binary data (annotated with "@XmlMimeType("application/octet-stream")" ). Then JBoss-WS creates a mtom response and the client accepted the response.

Is there a workaround to force that MTOM is being enabled?

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