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hi, vadim
thx for anwser

because i want to use external exception handling to handle the exception, i create two process engine.

i changed the definition of test fragment as following:

*private  ProcessDefinition createSimpleFragmentDefinitionStart() {*
*  ProcessDefinitionBuilder builder2 = ProcessDefinitionBuilder.startProcess("Second Definition");*
* * 
*  builder2.startActivity(new StartActivity()).initial().transition("A1").endActivity();*
*  builder2.startActivity("A1", new Display("A1")).transition("A").endActivity();*
*  builder2.startActivity("A", new MyTest()).transition("B1").endActivity();*
*  builder2.startActivity("B1", new Display("B1")).endActivity();*
* * 
*  return builder2.endProcess();* 
 *ClientProcessInstance getInstance(){*
*  ProcessDefinition pd = createSimpleFragmentDefinitionStart();*
*  ClientProcessInstance pi = ((ProcessDefinitionImpl) pd).startProcessInstance();*
* * 
*  return pi;*

and then i start this test process:

*public static void main(String[] args) throws NullPointerException{*
*  TestExceptionHandling te = new TestExceptionHandling1();*
* * 
*  te.createSimpleFragmentDefinitionStart();*
*  te.getInstance();*

i try to resume the test process in exception handling process, and back to the activity A, because activity A1 is complete.  I think i should get the processInstance of test process and use executionService.signalProcessById() to resume, but it doesn't  work.

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