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a) The ClusterPullConnectionFactory is οnly used when a client lookups the ClusteredConnectionFactory.

--No it's used internally for pulling messages between nodes in a cluster.

b) That the ClusterPullConnectionFactory only works when one defines the queue as  Clustered=true  (we are doing this in our case)

--yes, and make sure you deploy the queue on each node.

c) That the message suckers created by the ClusterConnectionManager only suck messages from the other nodes IF AND ONLY IF the other nodes are up? (they are not in our example).

--Yes, if a node is down, its messages won't be sucked. However they may be 'failover'ed to other nodes.

Our problem is that

a) the messages are stored in the DB

b) the node that wrote them is taken out

c) The messages are readable only if the node that wrote them is up.

I guess this is a 'failover' configuration issue. When a 'node' is taken out, there is always a node in the cluster that will 'merge' the dead node's messages over and deliver them. However if a node is shutdown normally, it may or may not be failed over, depending on a property called 'FailoverOnNodeLeave'.

By the way, JBoss Messaging is now in maintenance mode, i.e. no more community releases since (only in EAP).

I'd suggest you have a look at HornetQ, the successor to JBM and with richer functionalities and better performance.

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