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> Ales Justin wrote:
> (b) you can add a deployer that dynamically/runtime sets relative order of subdeployments
> * see DeploymentUnitExt::changeRelativeOrder
Thanks for *DeploymentUnitExt::changeRelativeOrder* !!!

> Ales Justin wrote:
> determine that the given (sub)deployment is not relevant for a deployer
I'm need to determine that given subdeployments is not needed for deployment at all. In JBoss4 I'm just remove such subdeployments from DeploymentInfo.subDeployments and all goes OK.

Example deployment structure:
* some-service.myDeployerExt* sub-last.jar 
* sub-only-need-in-special-case.jar
* sub-second.jar
* sub-first.jar

And I'm need this subdeployments to start in the right order, but sub-only-need-in-special-case.jar is not need to be started at all:
1. sub-first.jar
2. sub-second.jar
3. sub-last.jar

Sorting problem I had already solved (thanks a lot!) but how can I exclude subdeployments from the deployment process at all? I see that task intended to the StructureDeployer, but can't get a right way...  :(

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