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"How to manage TimerService/scheduled task on mutiple application servers"

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I have this scenario:
- multiple +JBoss Application Severs+ (5.1 at this moment) whitout clustering.
- an application within a ejb3 module (+EAR+)
- one database 
- every server (so the application) are connected to this same database.
- and the application deployed on each server (same application and configuration for every server)

What I want to do is define, at server runtime, scheduled task to periodically run some heavy process.
But I want that the application be capable of start, modify the time task and/or cancel it.

I probe an evaluate to use +TimerService+ (EJB3) and I had success on one server.
I mean, I could control any timer i create, reference, cancel, get info of it, through its timer id (cause I use +Stateless+ bean, I managed it persisting/retrieving the id from a database, to know wich timer is wich).

But on the scenario I descript, this is not a solution. In part for things like every timer is "associated" (can be retrieved) by the bean who create it.

So I came to request your advice.

May be some of you came through this problem, or could give me a tip to resolve this scenario.

I know that the +JBoss AS+ persist the timer that we create into the default +HSQL DB+. Maybe one solution could be changing the database that use the timer service to the external database (common for every jboss), like it explained in the chapter " http://docs.jboss.org/jbossas/docs/Administration_And_Configuration_Guide/5/html_single/index.html#d0e5041 Change Other JBoss AS Services to Use External Database", but I'm very lost yet .. I think.

Thanks, Regards and apolgize for my english.

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