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"Re: The replacement of system properties in *-ds.xml is done only for elements of string value type"

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wow so the implementation is here as I suggested :-) I really didn't take notice of subversion commits in the issue

it took me a while to build JBPAPP_5_1 on windoze without patch utility because simply setting build.unsecure= in build.properties is not enought
but that's a different story

ok your fix is working but only for integer and long fields of ManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentMetaData and its succesors
why not booleans ?

while trying to apply your fix I encounter following problem:
* in a separate deploy dir I have myapp.ear and myprops-service.xml where the property myapp.db.maxPoolSize is defined
* descriptor myapp.ear/my-ds.xml is parsed by JAXB before myprops-service.xml is fully deployed so that myapp.db.maxPoolSize is not a system property when trying to replace it
I don't see a way how to define the dependency to the property service in myapp.ear/my-ds.xml, datasources/local-tx-datasource/depends simply cannot help in that case

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