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"Customized Skinning in Jboss Enterprise Platform Portal"

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I have read documentation for customized skinning in Jboss Portal and could not find the exact steps that needs to be followed in getting this resolved.

 http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_Enterprise_Portal_Platform/5.1/html/Reference_Guide/sect-Reference_Guide-Skinning_the_Portal-Creating_New_Skins.html http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_Enterprise_Portal_Platform/5.1/html/Reference_Guide/sect-Reference_Guide-Skinning_the_Portal-Creating_New_Skins.html


1. Create a new skin ( called MySkin)  in gatein.ear\01eXoResources.war\skin. For now, I just copied the DefaultSkin directory and renamed it to Myskin and also copied the StyleSheet.css into MySkinStyleSheet.css

2. Added the following to the the gatein-resources.xml (gatein.ear\01eXoResources.war\WEB-INF\gatein-resources.xml)

 # - <portal-skin>
 *# - <portal-skin>*
*  <skin-name>MySkin</skin-name>*
*  <css-path>/skin/MySkinStylesheet.css</css-path>*
*  <overwrite>false</overwrite>*
*  </portal-skin>*
3. Added the following in portal.xml (\gatein.ear\02portal.war\WEB-INF\conf\portal\portal\classic) to attach the Myskin profile.
*  <skin>MySkin</skin>*
After doing that, I was able to see the MySkin in the list of the skins available in the UI but I was not able to accompolish the following.
a) I tried configuring the Portal skin preview and was showing blank screen in the preview ( from UI)
b) Are there any other changes that is needed in 02Portal.war/web.war? I am asking this because I saw there is another gatein-resources.xml which I am not sure the purpose of it? and there is a skin directory in the web.war file.
c)If we want to apply the changes to any of the Groovy compoenents. what is the best practice ( development process ) to be followed here?

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