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"Re: 64 bit xulrunner - has anyone got one, or detailed steps to build one?"

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I see. Hmmm, but I don't exactly understand the reasoning:

> Pretty sure there's nothing we can do about this one since there's no 64-bit OSX XulRunner

But that can't be the reason of course  ;)  The issue even mentions this in the description. The entire point is that the editor works despite there not being a 64-bit XulRunner, so that it doesn't work because there is no 64-bit XulRunner is a bit of a recursive problem.

If I read the issue correctly, those x86 platform filters might help?

Also, how is the situation with the 64-bit XulRunner anyway? Do you know anything about this?

If I read the various bugzilla entries at eclipse and mozilla it seems that there is a 64 bit version (entries from March 2010 say the work for that is 'done'), while simultaneously it seems there still isn't one and there might never be one(?).

When more and more computers become 64 bits, wouldn't this be a reason to move away from XulRunner entirely? Or does this "there never will be one" only applies to the 1.9.x series?

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