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"Re: How to stop my WAR loading JBoss's provided 3rd party classes?"

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> > Perhaps filter out the "org.hibernate.validator"?
> I'll try something, but I'm not sure what to try exactly. Looks like adding NegatingClassFilter for org.hibernate as after-filter isn't the way so I'm not sure which way to go to block some packages/classes completely regardless their presence anywhere or not.
> There should really be some "fully blocking" approach possible (and simply).
The same negating filter should also work for after phase.
The fully blocking filter is NothingClassFilter.

> EDIT: I tried to setup filters on org.hibernate.validator package several ways - before-filter was always NegatingClassFilter on that package, after-filter was once NegatingClassFilter, once just PackageClassFilter, also tried RecursivePackageFilter for both before-filter and after-filter in the end but to no avail.
Hmm, yeah, I think that was a typo on my end, we need RecursivePackageFilter.
But apart from that I don't see what can go wrong.

Could you debug a bit more?
Or do you have some test case / example to share?

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