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> 1) we can NOT saw any setter methods in those classes, so how to change the configuration?

Take a look at AbstractFungalRADeployer::registerManagementView(). This is the method that converts the management model to JMX MBeans for the standalone distribution. And look at the usage of that method.

You need to make a method like that for RHQ setup in the deployers for AS 7 (org.jboss.as.connector.deployers). However, the RHQ method should use the management model directly, like:

JOPR -> RHQ -> IronJacamar Management Model -> Resource Adapter -> *

JOPR -> RHQ -> IronJacamar Management API -> Metrics / Statistics

We have enough for the first part - the second part we need to create.

> 2) class ManagementRepository is a singleton class, we can access it  directly in embedded environment, but will  ManagementRepository/Connector/ConnectionFactory/AdminObject be  registered to org.jboss.deployers.spi.management.ManagementView? so them  can be accessed by ManagementView like hornetq plugin.

Yes, all deployments in the IronJacamar container should be registered with the ManagementRepository singleton. The IronJacamar management model is independant of the technology used, like JMX or RHQ.

However, there is no o.j.d.s.m.ManagementView in AS 7 - at least not yet. Maybe Emanuel or Heiko can comment on that.

> If IronJacamar has embedded in current AS7 release? if not, how can we test IronJacamar plugin?

IronJacamar is included in AS 7.0.0.Alpha1 - however, RHQ isn't integrated yet - Heiko is working on that. There are two options:

1. Create the RHQ plugin in the AS 7 distribution (org.jboss.as.connector.rhq) and work together with Heiko on the integration of platform itself
2. Add support for RHQ in the IronJacamar standalone distribution incl. web ui - and create a new module (rhq) with the code

I think 1) would be the easiest for now.

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