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"Re: How to stop my WAR loading JBoss's provided 3rd party classes?"

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> We'll try something here, but what upsets me is that just adding the jboss-classloading-domain.xml (or jboss-classloading.xml) automatically changes the classloader defaults even though I don't attempt to change them in the config, and especially the parent-first is interesting this case.
OK, apart from the bugz in EAR and WAR CL deployers, other things are obvious.
You're defining your own domain, hence its configuration applies.
> Why is it so? Does it come from EarClassLoaderDeployer/WarClassLoaderDeployer ? Quick look at them shows that perhaps it does.
The parent-first comes form classLoadingMetaData.setJ2seClassLoadingCompliance(false);
> Shouldn't that be fixed too to prevent that from changing depending on jboss-classloading-domain.xml presence?.
You are controlling this by the before-filter config.
If it's AFTER_BUT_JAVA_ONLY then it's the same as what you get withparent-first=false.

jb-cl-domain.xml is by default java-se compliant, meaning parent-first=true.
It could be debated what should be the default, but I think this is more natural.

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