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"Non-existent javax.ws.Service constructor called in generated WS client"

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I'd like to use the code generated by wsconsume.sh in a standalone app.
I'd like to ask about this inconsistency, and what should I do to fix.
I suppose I should put some ws implementation to the endorsed dir, right?


import javax.xml.ws.Service;
 * This class was generated by Apache CXF 2.3.1
 * Generated source version: 2.3.1
public class IsirPub001 extends Service {
   public IsirPub001(URL wsdlLocation) {
        super(wsdlLocation, SERVICE);
    public IsirPub001(URL wsdlLocation, QName serviceName) {
        super(wsdlLocation, serviceName);
    public IsirPub001() {
        super(WSDL_LOCATION, SERVICE);
    public IsirPub001(WebServiceFeature ... features) {
        super(WSDL_LOCATION, SERVICE, features);
    public IsirPub001(URL wsdlLocation, WebServiceFeature ... features) {
        super(wsdlLocation, SERVICE, features);
    public IsirPub001(URL wsdlLocation, QName serviceName, WebServiceFeature ... features) {
        super(wsdlLocation, serviceName, features);

JDK 1.6.0_20 src:
package javax.xml.ws;
public class Service {
    // The only constructor.
    protected Service(java.net.URL wsdlDocumentLocation, QName serviceName) {
        delegate = Provider.provider().createServiceDelegate(wsdlDocumentLocation,

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