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"cache NULL when clicking on a button"

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Before I used a previous version of JBoss Cache where I simply could use in every bean:

 @In(create=true)CacheProvider cacheProvider
public void method(){
    List) cacheProvider.get("tree-"+id);

    if (rubriek == null){

and the caching worked just fine through the whole site.

Now I'm trying to work with JBoss Cache 3.2.5.GA and it's not working. Every time I click on a button, the cache is empty.
What I did were these steps:
I started changing the code in each bean into

CacheFactory factory = new DefaultCacheFactory();Cache cache = factory.createCache("cache-configuration.xml"); public void method(){    ...    List) cache.get(fqn,"tree");     if (rubriek == null){         cache.put(fqn,"tree",getTree());    }    ...}

When I tried this code, I saw that the cache was each time emptied when I hit a button. I thought I could come because I start in each bean a new Cache by using +factory.createCache("cache-configuration.xml")+

So I made a new class that can be used in every bean and so that the cache is only started once

public class CacheHelper{

     public static CacheFactory  factory = new DefaultCacheFactory();

     public static Cache cache = factory.createCache("cache-configuration.xml"); 



public void method(){

but the cache is still empty each time I hit a button.

Is there anyone who can tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

O, and this is my cache-configuration.xml










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