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"Some Experiences with JBoss Tools, Eclipse Helios and M2E"

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what are your experiences with JBoss Tools (1.1.0..-Beta2 maven-feature, 2.2.0..-beta2 as-feature), Eclipse Helios (3.6.1), JBoss AS 6 Final and M2Eclipse (0.10.2, 0.11.1 wtp-feature)? 

At the moment, I'm facing the following problems:
* context root of web-module
* republish after changes
* module name is part of global JNDI name

For testing purposes I have created some maven modules with m2e.

business (root module)
+ business-ear (application.xml is generated)
+ business-core (ejb module containing the EJB implementation)
+ business-services (ejb client view)
+ business-ws (web module containing a WS that references the local EJB)

ticket (root module)
+ ticket-ear (application.xml is generated)
+ ticket-core (ejb module containing the EJB implementation)
+ ticket-services (ejb client view)

*context root of the web-module*
Although business-ear/pom.xml contains a specific context-root, the web-module is only accessible under module-name-version (e.g. business-ws-1.0.0)


Do I have to provide some specific settings/configuration in this case?

*republish after changes*
The republishing of JEE modules (e.g. WS-Implementation within the web-module) works only, if I perform a "project > clean" on all maven modules. In this case, all maven modules get redeployed correctly. Otherwise, the server state shortly changes to "republish", but the server does not reload the components (=> service behaviour does not change!).

 Do I have to change any Eclipse settings to avoid "project > clean" after any changes?

*module name is part of global JNDI name*
AFAIK, the EAR name is part of the EJBs global JNDI name.

For example: 
TicketService - EJB3.x Default Remote Business Interface
ticket-ear/TicketServiceBean/remote-at.logis.was.ticket.TicketService - EJB3.x Remote Business Interface

 This global name is used to reference this EJB via injection
private TicketService ticketService;

Within Eclipse, the module's version number is not recognized. But when building the components at command line, the version number is added to the EAR by default (e.g. ticket-ear-1.0.0). Therefore, the mapped-name has to be changed to “ticket-ear-1.0.0/TicketServiceBean” before. From my point of view, it is good to have version numbers to support parallel installation of different versions. But how can I tell Eclipse/M2E/... to use version numbers within my workspace as well?


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