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I post the important part of my Arquillian TestCase. 

The deployment and the injection works wonderfull. But the lookup still fails.  I start the thestcase with the jbossas-remote-6 profile

    public static JavaArchive createTestArchive() {
        JavaArchive arch = ShrinkWrap.create( JavaArchive.class, "test.jar" )
        .addPackages( true,UserBean.class.getPackage()) // All EJB's
        .addPackages( true, Customer.class.getPackage()) // All Entities
        .addPackages( true,UserInContainerTestCase.class.getPackage()) // all Test Classes
//        .addClasses( UserInContainerTestCase.class, UserBeanRemote.class, UserBean.class, User.class, DBObject.class, UserIssueRole.class)
//        .addClasses( UserInContainerTestCase.class, UserBeanRemote.class) 
         .addManifestResource(EmptyAsset.INSTANCE, ArchivePaths.create("beans.xml"));
        return arch;

     public void beforeTest(){
         try {
                 InitialContext pJndiContext = new InitialContext();
                NamingEnumeration<NameClassPair> nEn = pJndiContext.list( "java:global" );
                sLog.debug( "LIST" );
                while (nEn.hasMoreElements()) {
                    sLog.debug( nEn.next() );
            } catch (Exception e1) {
                sLog.error( "ERROR",e1 );

    private UserBeanRemote    ub;

    public void testTest(){
        Assert.assertNotNull( ub );
        sLog.info( "OK" );

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