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"IronJacamar RHQ plugin development"

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Hi Jesper,

After failed to deploy amdin-console.war to Jetty, we had a new plan to start developing the plugin.

OK, at first I have to say, the goal of the new plan is just making us start to write code right now in current situation.

The current situation is:
1) AS7 is not ready and changing fast
2) Admin Console for AS7 is not ready, it means no rhq-jbossas-7-plugin currently, which will provide the apis to interact with AS7 and is the parent plugin of IronJacamar one

The new plan may include 3 steps to approach the final goal.
1) We'd like to wrap a EmbeddedJCA just like the test cases in IronJacamar, and the EnbeddedJCA will run in the rhq agent environment, and will be started with the plugin. In the plugin, we access the management model directly.
2) We'll wrap an interface for locating IronJacamar's management model, if time is ready to intergrate in AS7, we just need to provide another implementation to support AS7, by ServerManager or other.
3) If we really need RHQ based console in standaonle IronJacamar, we need to wait  until next generation admin console of AS7 is ready, since rhq plugin container and the IronJacamar are in one process, so the management model can be accessed directly like 1), so we almost don't need to do any change to the plugin to support this feature.

OK, although 1) looks ugly, but it should work and can drive we start now  :)

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