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If you're interested in one of these projects, contact kris -d0t- verlaenen -a*t- redhat -d0t- com

h2. Core Engine (Kris)

h3. Bring jBPM to Google App Engine (GAE)
Refactor persistence to work with JPA2 and investigate what else is necessary to get jBPM running on GAE.
h3. Groovy support
In jBPM 4 we currently have a way to configure and use multiple scripting languages.  This challenge would include working out some cool examples of how groovy is used in a process.  To add groovy support, we need to figure out library dependencies, find if the dependencies are available in public maven repositories.  Then append the groovy configuration in our script-manager.

h3. Process instance migration
When a new version of a process is deployed, currently the existing executions are not migrated.  This is because the process updates can be significant and it is not possible in the general case to migrate all the instances.   But assuming a couple of reasonable limitations such a process instance migration is possible.  As long as the structure of the activities remain the same, executions can be migrated to a new process definition.  Optionally a mapping of old-to-new activity names could be given.
h3. Static process variables
Variables could be associated to process definitions.  All executions would see the same static process definition variable.  This would correspond to static variables in Java.

h2. Task Management & jBPM console (Heiko)
h3. XForms task management extensions
Using XForms for rendering task interfaces
h3. Social networking widgets for the GWT console
Integrate common social networking features into the new jBPM console.
Things like contact lists, messages, etc whatever seems useful with regard to task management.
h3.  *http://www.jboss.org/jopr JOPR integration with the console*
Process engine monitoring and management through embedded  http://www.jboss.org/jopr jopr.

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