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Salut Ilya,

its much easier:

     public class MyBean 
       final private static     Logger            LOG = Logger.getLogger(MyBean.class) ;

       public int myMethod(...) 
         final CallCtx    myCtx = new CallCtx() ;
                      myCtx.add(somewaht) ;



           myCtx.releaseAll() ;


     class LibA
*         getRegObject("somewhat")*


     class LibB
 /* similar to LibA */

The simple question is: Will i find some tricky workarouds, that prevents

me of adding a myCtx param to each of the subsequently called methode,
that may be interestes in the registered object.

The registered object is used similar to a JSF-Bean with the exception,
that it is not used outside from myMethod. Therefore, any solution
will be cluster-safe cause the object will be initialized on each new request
is will be not shared across two ejb-method calls.

So, a node globel memory would be OK, where each session/thread
id would identiy a slot in that node-global memory. Anyway i would like
to use a more EJB related sollution, if there exist one.

Another solution woluld be a parameter filed at each of the subsequently
called methode, passing a ctx-memory located at the bean.

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