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"BPEL Technical Preview available soon!"

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Hi there, good post! but I must say that this really confused me. I understand that BPEL has wider acceptance but as far as I'm concerned most of the Process Engines that are built today are being based on BPMN2 spec and not on BPEL. I also understand that Riftsaw is created using the Apache ODE code base, but what's the idea behind having two different Standards and Projects to cover almost the same kind of features for end users? 
I'm just asking because I wanna know your perspective about BPEL and how we can work together in order to have an unified solution for Business Processes and more technical workflows. I'm working with jBPM5 now, and at least in my perspective this topic will really confuse people, because it looks like JBoss/Red Hat is duplicating efforts in two different directions.
Thanks in advance for sharing your perspective.

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