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"Query on Using JBoss with Standalone HornetQ"

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I have a couple of questions regarding the setup of JBoss 6 I am hoping to get some input on.

Firstly I know that HornetQ comes packaged with JBoss 6, however I am concerned regarding the availability of queues if there are issues with Jboss.
For example, if Jboss gets restarted, or crashes for some reason, I still want the queues to be available for other applications to be able to write to them.
My understanding is that if you stop Jboss, the 'incorporated' HornetQ server will also stop. (please let me know if this assumption is incorrect)

The other issue I have is that if we have a couple of instances of Jboss installed on one server, I want both instances of Jboss to share the queues.
To this end, I thought that we might be better off installing a stand alone instance of HornetQ, and have Jboss connect to the standalone instance, rather than the HornetQ packaged with Jboss.

My first question is - Is this a legitimate configuration for Jboss and Hornet MQ (I am assuming it is as I imagine this is how JBoss 5 and prior would have worked).

If so, is it possible to configure Jboss so that the packaged Hornet doesn't start up when Jboss starts (ie can I switch off HornetQ packaged with JBoss).

Secondly, I' not sure how I go about setting up JBoss to use the standalone instance of HornetQ.
I have installed an application containing an MDB into JBoss, and have created a queue on the stand-alone HornetQ. 
I have a Jboss.xml which contains the destination-jndi-name.

However I am not sure what I need to change to get the MDB in Jboss to look for the queue on the standalone HornetQ ?

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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