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Hi all,

i'm a Newbie and i have some questions about jBPM and Spring.

I'd like to call SpringService's out of a jBPM-Process. But at the moment i don't know how to do this...
1. Do i need domain specific processes to call my spring services? Or is there an easier solution... because i think then i would need an WorkItemHandler for every servicemethod which i want to call in any of my processes (including the configuration). I hope there is an easier way... i also could create some generic WorkItemHandler for my SpringServices... but may be there is already something supportet...
2. A design question: My process can be startet by userinteractions (from an FrontEnd) or by another program => events. So for every process i need a Service which encapsulate the service and has servicemethods like (doSomeAction, eventXyzOccured) so that i can call it from the frontEnd or other gateways... are there any design patterns? What is the best way to implement this? I want to implement my businesslogic in domainobjects and my processlogic in jBPM. My FrontEnd Applications can call functions (services) or start businessprocesses. Some services are used by the frontend and by the processes. 
3. Transaction: If i start an process in a Spring Transaction will the transaction propagated to the jBPM and from the jBPM to my called services? So if the process calls 3 activities, and the third activity fails (unexcepected TechnicalError for example) everything should be rolled back. This should be possible... are there any tutorials? 

I hope somebody can answer my questions. At the moment i keep on getting some practice in jBPM.

Best regards

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