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"Re: How to get the Task instance id ?"

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Hello Kris,

I have been experimenting on this but I haven't quite been successfull.
I attached some files with the BPMN and the java that I am using to debug the process.

The facth is that the Java code that is executed inside the bpmn, returns a WorkItem ID=2.

+               System.out.println("Inside HT node 1");+
+                System.out.println("Process id is "+kcontext.getProcessInstance().getId());+

+                WorkItemNodeInstance wi = (WorkItemNodeInstance)kcontext.getNodeInstance();+
+                System.out.println("getWorkItemId is " + wi.getWorkItemId());+
+                System.out.println("WorkNodeID is " + wi.getId());+

+                System.out.println("WorkItem UniqueID is " + wi.getUniqueId());+
+                System.out.println("WorkItem ID " + wi.getId());+

+                String s2 = ""+kcontext.getNodeInstance().getId();+
+                System.out.println("Node Instance id is " +s2);+

But once I get the Task, from de debug java class, the task WorkItem ID=1.

+client.getTask(TID, responseHandler);+
+            Task task = responseHandler.getTask();+
+            TaskData td = task.getTaskData();+
+            System.out.println("Task WorkItemID "+td.getWorkItemId());+
+            BlockingTaskOperationResponseHandler eresponseHandler = new BlockingTaskOperationResponseHandler();+
+            TaskOperationResponseHandler respHandler = null;+
+            client.start(TID, "krisv", respHandler);+
+            client.complete(TID, "krisv", null, eresponseHandler);+

So there is no way to get a correlation between these two. 
So how can I get this working?

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