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Hi Brkhard,
Thanks for your response. I'm not using jbpm console ,I've integrated jbpm with my application and from there I start processes/task.

Yes I was talking about long running task meaning process/task which is started but not finished and if we restart server
then will it pick trigger again with same old session in sessioninfo table with that id=1 ?  Mostly it works but sometime it doesn't complete the tasks after server restart may be because of old session is not used which had triggered those process/tasks.
So new session gets created and that works fine to start new process/task.

I'm using Oracle DB and on server(Tomcat) restart I test if JBPM sequence and tables is available then don't create new otherwise create new sequence/tables.
Basically I need help related to session handling, I've notice some weird exception.Sometime after server restart I see "*java.lang.NullPointerException*" because ksession is null and hence while calling below line in CommandDelegate, application throw this exception.
ksession.startProcess(processId, parameters).getId();  

While server start,app looks for sessioninfo table for default id "1" otherwise commanddelgate class creates new session but 
sometime I see below exception(error laoding session snapshot) and it never create or use old session to trigger old or new process/tasks.
Loading process AutoCyclicalRiskAssesment.bpmn
Loading session data ...
Error loading session data: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Error loading session data: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to load session snapshot
12:35:26,907 ERROR [CommandDelegate] java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTar

So any help to handle session properly would be greatly appreciated .I need to know how to properly handle while server runs or if any server restart/shutdown/maintenance.


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