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"getSoapHeader "crashes" in a JAR"

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I've created a web service using the Eclipse generation tool and also implemented a handler, using a JBOSS 5.1 server.

Everything works if the web service is in a WAR. However, I'd like it to be in a JAR used by a WAR (so that the JAR will be more easily used by other WARs). Of course, the WAR has a dependency on the JAR and my web service class is declared as a servlet in the web.xml of the WAR. The client side works but on the server side, the handleInbound(MessageContext msgContext) method of the handler crashes on the instruction : msg.getSOAPHeader(); where msg is a variable I got thanks to SOAPMessage msg = ((SOAPMessageContext) msgContext).getMessage();

When I say it crashes, I don't really know what's going on in fact since there is no exception. The msg variable is not empty and when I inspect msg.getSOAPHeader(), it displays "org.jboss.ws.core.soap.SOAPHeaderImpl at e9c517[[env:Header: null]]"  (the null is not abnormal: it returns the same result when my web service is in a WAR).

A debug "Step Into" makes it stop but not really : the client servlet is always waiting for the response and it finally displays an out of memory after some minutes.

It is weird. What could explain a such behaviour ?

Val Bou.

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