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"Message delivery stops even though consumer connected"

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Hey all,

I'm having some problems with JBoss messaging 1.4.6 (part of jboss-5.0.1 enterprise edition) in relation to messages being left on a destination even when there is an active consumer still trying to receive (with a receive timeout of 500ms).  It happens for both queues and topics. When I look at the state of the destination in the admin console it shows something like:

| Run State: RUNNING | Created Programmatically: false |
Message Counter History Day Limit: -1
Numeric Metrics
| Name | Value | Description |
Category: utilization
| Count | 0 | The total message count since startup or last counter reset |
| Count Delta | 0 | The message count delta since last method call |
| Depth | 13,683 | The current message count of pending messages within the queue waiting for dispatch |
| Depth Delta | 0 | The message count delta of pending messages since last method call |
| Time Last Update | 0 | The timestamp of the last message add |
Category: throughput
| Consumer Count | 1 | The number of consumers on the queue |
| Delivering Count | 0 | The number of messages currently being delivered |
| Message Count | 13,683 | The number of messages in the queue |
| Scheduled Message Count | 0 | The number of scheduled messages in the queue |

We are using the 'default' configuration, unmodified other than to add several standard destinations in server/default/deploy/messaging/destinations-service.xml. The test we're running passes fine with several other JMS providers (including HornetQ), so we're pretty sure it's not a problem on our end. Can anyone offer some advice? 

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